Three Affordable Kitchen Countertops to DIY

One of the things that I love about blogs, is that I get to see how real people overcome the obstacle of working within the parameters of a budget to achieve the look that they really want.  Rather than just giving up or settling for less, they rise to the challenge and come up with their own affordable alternatives.

This was the case with Carmella, who writes so beautifully on her blog, Assortment, about living in a 665 square foot cabin that she shares with her three boys, husband and dog.  Oh, in a 665 square foot cabin that she designed, no less.
Carmella had her heart set on soapstone countertops for her 13 feet long kitchen, but since it was outside of her budget, she had furniture grade plywood cut to fit instead.  Then, she painted the plywood with black chalkboard paint and sealed it with paste wax.  She writes that it does require some occasional maintenance, but that it has held up well to its frequent use.
She wasn't sure how they would turn out but, as you can see, her gamble paid off.  She was able to get the look of soapstone for less and now has a beautiful, classic, country kitchen.

Elizabeth from The Mustard Ceiling blog, was also making over her Clovis, NM, kitchen on a budget.
She was able to score some solid oak doors at ReStore Habitat for Humanity for just $100.00.
They used their existing laminate countertops as a template to cut the oak doors, sanded them down and stained them a darker color.  Repurposed solid wood doors turned into countertops for just $100.00.  Genius. You can read Elizabeth's tutorial here.

Linn and her husband over at, The Home Project, wanted stainless steel countertops, but weren't about to plunk down the $3,000.00 estimate they got to have them professionally installed.
Instead, they shopped around and found someone who would cut the stainless steel to size for them and installed it themselves for around $400.00.  Now they have a classic kitchen with an industrial edge and at a fraction of what it would have cost them had they not done it themselves.
You can read all about how Linn and her husband installed their stainless steel countertops, here.

Because they weren't afraid to try something new and and do the work themselves, these creative ladies were able to get the kitchen countertops of their dreams and all within their budget. Inspiring.

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